samedi 9 avril 2016

La police militaire indonésienne descend les drapeaux Mélanésiens

Yesterday Indonesian military and police stormed a peaceful gathering in Timika, West Papua; after West Papuan people prayed for an Independence referendum and full membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

The Indonesian beat some of the West Papuans at the gathering and arrested at least 9 people. They also tore down the Melanesian flags and banners that the West Papuan had put up.

Those thought to have been arrested are:
1. Steven Itlay (24 years old)
2. Yanto Awerkyon (23 years old)
3. Sem Ukago (24 years old)
4. Seperianus Edoway (24 years old)
5. O.Tines Tabuni (24 years old)
6. Yudiman Kogoya (22 years old)
7. Hubertus Dimi (23 years old)
8. Noak Dimi (23 years old)
9. Yunus Nawipa (24 years old)
10.Agus Nirigi (25 years old)
11. Paulus Dawan (30 years old)
12. Abertus Dimi (24 years old)
13. Paulus Wenda (24 years old)

We fully condemn this brutal attack on a peaceful gathering. Clearly the Indonesian authorities still have no respect for freedom of expression in occupied West Papua.
More information to come soon. Please share and support the people of occupied West Papua and their ongoing struggle for freedom.